Reward Plans

Startup Opportunity


We manufacture and sell supplementary drug products. We’re dedicated to providing good health and creating massive wealth to the African people and the world at large. 


RETAIL PROFIT: 25% (Buy at Distributors’ Price – DP and sell to earn profit up to 25% retail profit!

KICK START BONUS: Over 36% of the registration fee from personally enrolled distributors is paid out to three(3) generations (Downlines). For example: If you register 10 people directly & teach them to duplicate you; below is your potential earning.

REFERRAL BONUS: Up to 26% of Activation Package PV.

ROLL UP BONUS: Certain differentials between package percentages are rolled up from IBOs who sponsor packages bigger than theirs to uplines with packages greater than the bigger package sponsored by their downlines.

UPGRADE BONUS: Upgrade can be done from a smaller package to a bigger package at any time by paying the differences. The percentages paid as upgrades bonus (to uplines) applies to new purchase PVs.

PAIRING BONUS: You can earn up to 15% on the lesser leg volume. To earn a Paring Bonus, a starter must have activated a package and be pairing qualified. In order to become Pairing Qualified, a Starter must have activated a package and have ≥50PV on his left and right side; with at least personally sponsored member who has activated a package. Pairing Bonuses are paid daily as a percentage of a qualified member’s lesser leg volume. The percentage earned varies by package earned varies by package and rank. For more information on how to qualify for increased Pairing Bonuses please download the file below.

RANK ADVANCEMENT INCENTIVE: There are different ranks to attain if the distributors meet the criteria. For more information about this, download the file below.

UNILEVEL BONUS (Dynamic Compression applicable for maximum earning): Residual income is the heart of the MLM Business and the Unilevel structure provides one sure source of this residual income.

CHEQUE MATCH BONUS: At NRI, we reward our leaders for developing others who are earning monthly residual income from our UNILEVEL structure. Associates and above have the ability to earn Cheque Match Bonuses as you train, develop, and mentor leaders within your enrollment tree.

AWARDS: NRI offers mouth-watering awards from its UNILEVEL structure. Reorders are key to special awards; purchase your monthly reactivation PVs and encourage your team to get theirs and in no time you’ll receive our fantastic awards.

TREASURE STORE BONUS: 6% of sales and/or pick ups from specially stories is paid to our treasure store owners.

SPECIAL PROMOTIONS: Special promotions are organized from time to time, to further reward our members.